Reflections of a Bully Victim

“You’re too nice to people.” That sentence is loaded for me, lovelies. It’s what my music teacher told me in 3rd grade right before I was bullied like clockwork. My mum said it to me a couple days ago so of course I flashed back to then. I was sitting on the floor surrounded by…… Continue reading Reflections of a Bully Victim

Coming Clean

I want to acknowledge that it has been several weeks and the reasons range from the ground to the sky, but the story I’m about to tell you is bigger than most of them. I don’t know if you lovelies remember back to that guest post I wrote about my experiences as a bully victim…… Continue reading Coming Clean

Start Now

The best advice I could give you lovelies to reach your goals is to start where you are. Wait until midnight and everyone’s asleep if you have to, but don’t underestimate the impact of throwing yourself into the fray. You don’t have to have the shiniest tools or know exactly what you’re doing or even…… Continue reading Start Now